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Delivering results for victims who have suffered serious injuries requires a combination of experience, knowledge, skills, resources and relationships. Since 1967, Mr. Forman has worked to obtain the best results and outcomes for his clients by taking a personalized approach and looking at each case differently. Mr. Forman has made it his life’s work to understand his clients’ needs.


To provide hands-on service to his clients, Mr. Forman limits his practice to a select group of cases. As a sole practitioner, Mr. Forman understands what it means to be accessible to his clients and understands that as a client, you will want to work with him personally. 


As one of New York’s best and most experienced trial attorneys, Mr. Forman knows how to prepare a case to obtain the best results. Mr. Forman has gone to trial on thousands of cases with his own clients and on behalf of other law firms.


Mr. Forman is known by his peers as an outstanding trial attorney with an impressive track record of obtaining million dollar verdicts. The relationship formed with many of Mr. Forman’s clients carries on well past the resolution of their case, partly because of Mr. Forman's personal handling from start to finish. Often, former clients stop by Mr. Forman’s office just to say hello long after their case has been resolved.

To speak to Mr. Forman, please submit your information through this site or call his office at (718)-625-4423 and Mr. Forman will be sure to get on the phone with you. 

50 years of experience working for you
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